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National Cupcake Day

Monday February 27th, 2017

Meet Finnegan (aka Pinky), this fabulous 13-year old canine is this year's KWHS spokesdog for National Cupcake Day. He is looking for bakers and donors to join his crew of special fundraisers. He has set a personal goal of $500 and asks each of you to do the same.

Why not take a minute right now to register and kick off your own National Cupcake Day fundraising campaign. Connect with your own crew of family and friends. Track your fundraising progress. Watch while your pledges rise and celebrate when you hit your own goal for the big day.

While youíre at it, why donít you sniff your way over to our Facebook page and give it a lick, we mean, a like! The more people that know about our awesome cause the more animals you and Finnegan (aka Pinky) can help together!